Planting techniques Fungus Merang

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* Building a house the size of 4 x 6 x 3 m
* Straw / stem dry soybean
* Bamboo
* Lime betel
* Kapok / cotton synthetic
* Drum and pipe
* The seed fungus merang

How to plant and cultivate the land:

* Create a home building size 4 x 6 x 3 m, the window does not need to have enough for one door.

* Included in the walls coated with a plastic roof.

* Make a split bamboo rack kit according to size.

* Straw that has been washed clean placed on bamboo shelves evenly.

* Give the betel Lime and salt evenly on top of the straw. Straw stack in the top of the section that has been provided in the betel Lime and gray and so on up to 25 cm thick with a plastic cover, wait 3 hours for three nights.

* Lime betel and keep the ashes and then 3 days ago opened and stirred again and then trim the top of the straw is given in cotton seeds and fungi.


* In picking mushrooms do not take in all the big select.
* How to create a simple seed:

1. Choose a great mushroom.
2. Large mushrooms are cut in a thin and then stored in bottles or Bamboo.
3. Storage time
fungus merang a cut in thin within 15 days.
4. Take a bottle or bamboo, so that the bamboo stick is shaped like a seed fiber / yarn white
5. When in the bottle does not mean there is a change of failure.

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